This past summer, the high energy all-star remixes of Laura Bryna’s hit single “Stars are Falling” worked something of a high-impact musical miracle, giving us a much-needed burst of hope and inspiration (and yes, fun!) during a difficult, anxiety-ridden time. With her latest track, the infectious dance/pop jam “Way That It Was,” the veteran singer takes the “anthem that meets our collective moment” concept one thematic step further. Encapsulating our emotional exhaustion with this crazy new normal and hopes for future restoration, its words were originally written about a broken relationship but now have powerful universal applications: “Both of us knew it’d come back around sooner or later. . .Back to the Way that it was/It shouldn’t hurt but it does/Back to the way that it was.”

Prior to this latest batch of hit singles, Laura was perhaps best known for her military tribute “Hometown Heroes,” a track from her debut solo album Trying to Be Me which she wrote with Grammy-nominated songwriter Jeff Batson for a national campaign for the Air National Guard,
where she’s an honorary member and spokesperson. The song’s intention was to make people aware of what heroes in this branch do, from their work in Afghanistan to assist Border Patrol and hurricane relief.



Bryna is a multi-talented crossover artist who caters to contemporary country and pop audiences across the world. Her most recent successes include the release of “Sweet Revenge” (2019) which scored a Top 10 seat on the Billboard Dance Chart; while her 2020 release, “Stars Are Falling” landed at No. 2 on Dance Music Chart in England, and No. 6 in France and Germany. Bryna’s single, “Make A Wish,” spent 10 consecutive weeks on AOL Billboard’s Most Streamed Download charts.

A heart-felt supporter of our military, Laura was a celebrity spokesperson for the United States Air Guard’s national media campaign; she co-wrote the corresponding theme song “Hometown Heroes.” In addition to her work with the Air Guard, Bryna was the celebrity spokesperson for the National Guard’s Youth Foundation.  She also served as a board member on the Make-A-Wish Foundation Mid-Atlantic Chapter.

From time to time, Bryna co-hosts “Golf Talk America” which broadcasts on PGA Tour Radio, Sirius XM and Spotify.

She is currently putting the finishing touches on her children’s Christmas book, titled “The Christmas Tradition”, which will be released simultaneously with her original Christmas tune, “Wishlist.”