After Laura’s smash success with her “Ashes” duet TikTok, her next viral popcorn duet cover of Ricky Montgomery’s “Line Without a Hook” has already amassed nearly 1 million views and secured a top spot on the #RickyMontgomery hashtag (24.9M total views.)

When asked about how she got into making popcorn duets on TikTok, Bryna notes,

“There are many reasons that I absolutely love making Popcorn Duets on Tiktok but the biggest by far is that I love the sense of community between me and my followers.  More than any other platform on social media, these duets allow me to have a one-to-one interaction that builds strong bonds with people from all parts of the world – from the U.S. to Australia, to Brazil, to the UK. If someone takes time out of their busy day to spend five minutes (a lifetime on Tiktok) to sing along with one of my duets, then I consider this both a huge honor and a privilege! In return, I do my best to comment on every duet and I randomly select the ones I react to – I wish I could react to them all, they are all so amazing!”


A quickie but goodie…. 🎶😉 #DuetMe #LineWithoutAHook #RickyMontgomery #PopcornDuet #PopcornKaraoke #Karaoke #SingWithMe #SingingChallenge

♬ original sound – Laura Bryna