Source: Laura Bryna — Bitmap Mag

BitMap Magazine talks with Laura about being in quarantine, new music and her favorite binges right now. See the whole article at Bitmapmag.com

Tell us a little bit about Laura Bryna? 
I’m just a girl from Mount Airy, Maryland with a big dream!! And I’m so lucky and blessed I get to live it everyday!!  I live and breathe this dream!!! I get to create and share this love with my very loyal fans. I’m a mom to my babies, my parrots, and they have seen this dream become a reality from studying in Philly to touring and record contracts in Nashville, to recording Billboard hits in Los Angeles, and always my home, Maryland.

Tell us about the current project you are in?
I’m so excited about “Stars Are Falling,” my latest single produced by the Grammy-award winner, Damon Sharpe.  I love this song and the video!!!  Eli, the video director, his team, and all the actors really made this video come to life!!  It was recorded months before the pandemic and it really is a sign of the times of where we are with this virus.  It is a love song, but not in the “Smushie” sense.  This song is about how we all come together in a time of need and I hope that when people watch the video, they feel that sense of hope and positivity and that we will get through this difficult time stronger together.  Our hashtag #quickerapartsoonertogether

You and we have some fun and fabulous dance remixes coming soon!!!!!

How are you coping with all this chaos? 
I’m doing alright.  These are very sad and tough times and it really does get to you sometimes.  I find myself being very creative, working on new music, and then all of a sudden I’ll find myself in tears.  It’s a lot of loss and sadness.  We are now at a point in this pandemic where we all know someone who has it or has had it.   It really hit me the other day when an ambulance came for one of my neighbors…

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