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GMLA Live September 3

GMLA Live September 3

Posted by Good Morning LaLa Land on Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Join Laura Bryna LIVE on Good Morning La La Land, Tuesday September 3rd 9 AM PST via Facebook and the EVERTALK TV app on your Apple TV and Roku Devices!

Good Morning LaLa Land is the first, live-streaming daily talk show, allowing viewers to consume, digest, and share their entertainment experience across multiple, distributed social media platforms simultaneously and available on APPLE TV + ROKU on the EVERTALK TV app. With over 3000 guests, and 100 million impressions, Good Morning LaLa Land is leading-edge, digital media at its very best, empowering their audience to make a major shift happen in their personal, financial, relational ,and emotional lives… so they can live their best lives starting today!

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