Laura Bryna: Beauty Inside and Out

Laura Bryna, for those of you that don’t know her, please do!! I had the pleasure of chatting it up with her and got to know some interesting facts about the Maryland native. This touring country singer is talented, beautiful, and smart…a true triple threat! I could seriously write a novel about this girl, but I’ll try and keep it brief, so here is just a glimpse into the world of Laura Bryna.

A singer since she could talk, this country girl at heart always reached for the silver spoon…to use as a microphone that is! A tragedy however hit at the early age of 3 when her father died, followed by a traumatic period of a coma that her brother resided in. These difficult times were comforted with country music, the melodies and lyrics of pain and love reflected real life events. A volunteer at Make a Wish was a time she was able to help the kids like that of her brother, and was inspired by one girls wish, her wish was that all the children received their wish. This selfless act would be forever remembered. It was a true blessing that her brother pulled through, but that event left a lasting effect on her life and carrier. Her hit song “Make a Wish” is a tribute to the children and the organization and a percentage of the proceeds goes back to Make a Wish, as Laura says, “I’m living my dream, so they should be able to live theirs”. Honestly it is refreshing to hear inspirational stories like these in media, of individuals that truly care.

Laura’s personal style, well let’s just say I want her hand-me-downs! A fan of Roberto Cavalli, you can find this funky fashionista sporting big hair, designer dresses, cowboy boots, and her signature scarves. You may wonder, what might a girl like this carry in her purse, well me having no shame asked, and it holds: Hairspray, Mac Lip Glass, lip liner, cell phone, checkbook, wallet, sunglasses, business cards, silver Sharpies, Guitar Pick, and a Chrystal rhino that her mom gave her for protection on the road because “a rhino has thick skin”. Her must have beauty item is Joico Joi Fix Firm Hairspray. As Laura says, “Forget sexy back, I’m bringing big hair back”(ahh I love this girl, so cute). Her beauty tip: Spray perfume in your hair, it will leave that subtle fragrance that will linger in the air as you walk by.

As if her life isn’t enough of an inspiration, her words of wisdom are “Believe in yourself, be prepared for any situation and learn from every situation…I would rather fail at being myself than something I’m not”. There’s an amazing quote if I must say so myself!!

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